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Making Law like Sausages

Posted on January 27, 2017.

October 8th’s release of the “Billy Bush Tapes” couldn’t stop a Republican avalanche exactly one month later. The Republicans maintained their decided advantage in both the US House and Senate.

Donald Trump snuck out an electoral college win and put #Pussygate in his rear view mirror.

In January of 2009, Democrats had a similar configuration. They seized the opportunity to pass a 2,700 page healthcare bill that was on a website for viewing a scant 72 hours prior to the vote. Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said “we have to pass (the bill)…(so we) can find out what’s in it.”

Following Trump’s inauguration last week, the GOP’s all-male leadership rammed through a bill via reconciliation, and along party lines.

The goal was to quickly encrust America with Trump’s main goals. In their haste, apparently the men mixed up some issues.

The passed bill cut premiums on Obamacare health insurance while repealing the US Tax Code. Furthermore, the bill called for building a big, beautiful wall around the Islamic State while resolving to work with Russia to assure the destruction of Mexico.

Trump has no choice but to veto the quickly passed bill, but only after tweeting “I love many aspects of this bill, but…”

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